Richard Kurti & Bev Doyle
WRITER’S (Drama)

Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle are a British scriptwriting team.

They broke into the business by writing and selling a spec feature script, which led to 14 further movie commissions from US studios such as Warner Bros, Universal, Laika and Intermedia; and UK companies such as Working Title, Pathé and BBC Films.

Following a two-year writing deal with Miramax, Richard and Bev diversified into TV drama, first with Kidnapped, a 3×1-hour miniseries for the BBC, quickly followed by an original Sherlock Holmes miniseries, The Baker Street Irregulars.

They consolidated their position in the primetime market by writing for flagship network shows: two episodes of Primeval for ITV; three episodes of Robin Hood for the BBC (both these series have sold to over 90 countries worldwide); and an episode of SkyOne’s 2012 flagship drama, Sinbad.

Their 2×2-hour adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s novel Going Postal premiered to glowing reviews on SkyOne. This was followed by work on TV movies for SyFy and Tandem, and in 2013 they wrote three episodes of the hit BBC show Wolfblood.

Currently in development are Newton’s Law, a TV series for Miramax and The Weinstein Company; The Force, a returnable police show; and a movie for Fox Searchlight, The Royal Chef.

They have recently moved into radio drama with adaptations for BBC Radio 4 of The Martian Chronicles, starring Derek Jacobi and Hayley Atwell; and The Boy From Aleppo Who Painted The War, set against the background of the Syria crisis.

Their shows have earned numerous awards and nominations, including – three BAFTA nominations, two Royal Television Society Awards and two RTS nominations for Going Postal; nomination for Outstanding Motion Picture Made for TV at the US Satellite Awards for Kidnapped; nomination for Best TV Series Drama at the Satellite Awards for Primeval, and four BAFTA nominations for Wolfblood.