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“A bold and revitalising addition to the Blake’s 7 story!” – SciFiNow

Taking full advantage of the cult status of Blake’s 7 and its enduring popularity, B7 PRODUCTIONS has since 2007 produced original full-cast audio dramas based on the format and characters created by Terry Nation. These are for broadcast (BBC Radio 7), online broadcast (streamed), download (iTunes) and retail.

These re-imagined BLAKE’S 7 audio adventures, described by news-stand magazine SciFiNow as “… a bold and revitalising addition to the Blake’s 7 story” and by as “morally complex, deeply noir”, were first made available on the SCI FI Play broadband player section of the SCI FI channel website and were then broadcast on BBC Radio 7 over Christmas 2007. Enjoying regular reruns, a further season of BLAKE’S 7 audio adventures was aired on BBC Radio 7 in 2010.

With a stellar cast and representing the best traditions of the original television series, these all new audio adventures deliver a fresh and dramatic interpretation of this cult classic.