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The audio adventures feature DEREK RIDDELL (The Book Group, Ugly Betty) as the eponymous rebel leader Roj Blake, COLIN SALMON (James Bond, Alien vs Predator) as computer genius Kerr Avon and DANIELA NARDINI (This Life) as Supreme Commander Servalan.

Other cast members include CRAIG KELLY (Queer as Folk) as arch-villain Travis, CARRIE DOBRO (Babylon 5) as Jenna, MICHAEL PRAED (Robin of Sherwood), DOUG BRADLEY (Hellraiser), GEOFFREY PALMER (As Time Goes By) and KEELEY HAWES (Ashes to Ashes).

BLAKE’S 7: A Rebellion Reborn

Behind-the-Scenes Audio Documentary
Extended behind-the-scenes documentary with cast, writers and the producer/director discussing the production of the all-new audio adventures, the influence of the classic series and what the future holds for Blake’s 7.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Current Audio Adventures Releases

Blake’s 7: Rebel (2007)
Blake’s 7: Traitor (2007)
Blake’s 7: Liberator (2007)

Production Credits

Featuring Derek Riddell, Daniela Nardini, Colin Salmon, Carrie Dobro, Craig Kelly, India Fisher, Michael Praed, Rula Lenska and Doug Bradley.

Ben Aaronovitch (Rebel)
Marc Platt (Traitor)
James Swallow (Liberator)

Director Andrew Mark Sewell
Sound Design, Post Production Music Alistair Lock
Production Company B7 Productions
Category Full-cast Audio Dramas
Duration 3 x 60 minutes
Genre Science Fiction
TX BBC Radio 7

Season 1 was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra (formerly known as BBC Radio 7). First transmission Christmas 2007. Blake’s 7: The Audio Adventures are now available at all major online retailers, can be purchased direct at or downloaded from iTunes.

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