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“A polished audio drama gem. Essential listening!” Jesse Willis —

Before Blake;
Before the Seven;
Before the Rebellion began…

BLAKE’S 7: THE EARLY YEARS is a thrilling new prequel series of stories, also broadcast on BBC Radio 7, exploring the origins of key Blake’s 7 characters prior to them meeting rebel leader, Roj Blake, as revealed in the B7 PRODUCTIONS’ Blake’s 7: The Audio Adventures.

“This superior prequel series mines the back-stories of the titular characters. Blake’s 7: The Early Years is intelligent social Science Fiction.” –

A rebellion is born in many places, in the riot-torn London of the 23rd century, in the laboratories and dreaming spires of Oxford University, in the dangerously untamed forests of Auron and the asteroid fields of neutral space. BLAKE’S 7: THE EARLY YEARS takes you to when the seeds of rebellion against the Federation really began.

The stories feature the established characters Avon, and then Vila & Gan (in two stories written by Ben Aaronovitch), Jenna (written by Simon Guerrier), Travis (written by James Swallow), Cally (written by Marc Platt) , Zen written by James Swallow) and of course the series wouldn’t be complete without a story (written by James Swallow) exploring the origins of the rebel’s arch-nemesis Supreme Commander Servalan who we meet as a young, ambitious, cadet officer with ‘family connections’.

Current Blake’s 7: The Early Years Releases

Blake’s 7: When Vila Met Gan [Vila and Gan] (2008)
Blake’s 7: Point of no Return [Travis] (2008)
Blake’s 7: Eye of the Machine [Avon] (2008)
Blake’s 7: Blood & Earth [Cally] (2009)
Blake’s 7: Flag & Flame [Cally] (2009)
Blake’s 7: The Dust Run [Jenna] (2009)
Blake’s 7: The Trial [Jenna] (2009)
Blake’s 7: Escape Velocity [Zen] (2010)

Production Credits

Featuring Michael Keating, Jan Chappell, Colin Salmon, Keeley Hawes, Geoffrey Palmer, Carrie Dobro, Craig Kelly, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jake Maskall, Peter Guinness, Susannah Doyle, Zoë Tapper, Jason Merrells, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Owen Aaronovitch, Amy Humphreys, Michael Cochrane, Julian Wadham, Stephen Lord, Natalie Walter and Alistair Lock as ZEN

Ben Aaronovitch (When Vila met Gan, Eye of the Machine, Blood & Earth)
Marc Platt (Flag & Flame)
James Swallow (Point of No Return, Escape Velocity)
Simon Guerrier (The Dust Run, The Trial)

Dominic Devine (Blood & Earth, Flag & Flame)
Alistair Lock (The Dust Run, The Trial)
Duncan McAlpine (Point of no Return)
Andrew Mark Sewell (When Vila Met Gan, Eye of the Machine, Escape Velocity)

Sound Design, Post Production & Music Alistair Lock
Production Company B7 Productions
Category Full-cast Audio Dramas
Duration 10 x 30 minutes
Genre Science Fiction
TX BBC Radio 4 Extra (formerly BBC Radio 7)


Season 1 was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra (formerly known as Radio 7. First transmission 31 May – 4 June 2010. The audio drama are now available at all major online retailers and can be purchased direct at or downloaded from iTunes.

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