Cally Returns!


LONDON, May 29, 2009: UK-based independent production company, B7 Productions, has announced the next EARLY YEARS audio drama, which also marks the return of JAN CHAPPELL to the role of Cally.

THE EARLY YEARS are a prequel series of stories that explore the origins of key BLAKE’S 7 characters prior to them meeting rebel leader, Roj Blake. The newest prequel story centres on the alien telepath Cally and her clone sisterhood. The two thirty-minute adventures ‘Blood & Earth’ written by Ben Aaronovitch and ‘Flag & Flame’ written by Marc Platt also mark the return of JAN CHAPPELL (known for her portrayal of Cally in the first three series of the original BLAKE’S 7 series) as the mysterious AUNTY – a woman who claims to have been the second Cally ever to be born on Auron. SUSANNAH DOYLE (Drop the Dead Donkey), JULIAN WADHAM (Outpost) and MICHAEL COCHRANE (Sharpe) also star.

Jan Chappell says of her return to the role of Cally: “It’s a source of utter bewilderment that Cally is still part of my life but delighted to embrace her return. It’s astonishing to be playing the character thirty years on and to know that Blake’s 7 still has such an ardent following. Who would have known that back in 1978 we were making television history.”

Executive Producer, Andrew Mark Sewell comments: “It’s remarkable to think that Jan Chappell last played Cally back in 1980 and we’re delighted to welcome Jan back to a role that she is still so closely associated with.”

Previous audio prequels have explored the early lives of Avon, Travis, Vila and Gan with future releases to reveal the origins of Jenna, Zen, Servalan and Blake.

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Jan Chappell