Exit Thread

You Can Run From The Past, But You Can’t Hide

Featuring Crystal Allen, Anthony Shuster, Hilary Connell and Robert G. Slade

A dark psychological thriller centred on a love triangle in a small college town.

Tom Decker is a young clergyman, Laura Carlisle is a history professor who has just recently entered into a torrid relationship with Tom, and Abigail Scott is Laura’s graduate assistant and Tom’s oldest friend from childhood. The three realize that they have interconnecting relationships when they find themselves at the funeral for Laura’s former mentor, but unbeknownst to Laura is the fact that the relationship between Tom and Abigail goes far deeper than mere friendship – they were once lovers.

Abigail longs for a return to the way things were between her and Tom, while Tom struggles with his continuing attraction to her even as he falls further in love with Laura. Observing all of this at a distance is Rev. Ezekiel Hartt, an older clergyman who has returned to town after a long absence with a dark secret about everyone’s past



Crystal Allen Laura Carlisle
Anthony Shuster Thomas Decker
Hilary Connell Abigail Scott
Robert G. Slade Rev. Ezekiel Hartt

Production Credits

Director Paul Kimball
Producers Ron Foley MacDonald, Andrew Mark Sewell (UK)
Writer Paul Kimball & Ron Foley MacDonald
Production Company Winter Light Productions in association with B7 Media
Category Feature
Duration 1 x 90’
Genre Drama