Leda Calder is a young radio talk show host who is still haunted by the memories of her role in the accidental death of her best friend Jenny. On the fifth anniversary of Jenny’s death Leda finally seems to have found some peace, and even some happiness as she embarks on a relationship with her producer Jeremy, but it all comes crashing down when the fragile nature of her everyday reality begins to fall apart in a maelstrom of guilt, anger and revenge that threatens to consume her unless she can find a way out of her own purgatory.


Leda Calder Annie Briggs
Jenny Nicole Steeves
Stan Sandy MacLean
Jeremy Josh Denaro

Production Credits

Director Paul Kimball
Producers John Rosborough, Ron Foley MacDonald, Paul Kimball
Executive Producer  Andrew Mark Sewell (UK)
Writer Paul Kimball
Director of Photography Darryl Leblanc
Original Music Imran Ahmad
Songs by Brett Ryan and Jon Mullane
Production Company Portcullis Films in association with B7 Media
Category Feature
Duration 1 x 90’
Genre Drama/Supernatural Thriller


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