Pioneers in Love

TV drama series created by Richard Kurti

Why do people want to share their lives?
What are they searching for?
How can they overcome their inhibitions and shortcomings?
What really makes a marriage work?
Welcome to the Marriage Bureau…

At the heart of this drama series (in development with Kew Media) is a brilliant book, published just once in 1942. Co-written by Mary Oliver, founder of the very first marriage bureau in the UK, the book is a witty and moving account of a bold venture that was decades ahead of its time.

Not only does it have a timeless understanding of the realpolitik of marriage, the book is also packed full of colourful detail about social attitudes and romance in the 1940s.

The TV series turns this rich seam into a compelling and engaging drama, which is a sharp and moving testament to the ability of love to heal in troubled times.

Driving the series are two charismatic and strong female leads…

Heather Jenner and Mary Oliver 1939

The real Marriage Bureau in 1939 – Heather Jenner and Mary Oliver

In real life, Marriage Bureau thrived and prospered for over 50 years.

The key to its success was the simple fact that Mary and Heather were tackling head-on the problem of how to find love and marriage in a fast-changing society. And it is this that gives Marriage Bureau such a fantastic resonance with love in the 21st century.


Production Credits

Producers Adrian Bate, Bronwyn Cornelius, Andrew Mark Sewell
Series Creator/Writer Richard Kurti
Production Company Vox Productions in association with B7 Media
CategoryTelevision Drama Series
Duration 6 x 60 minutes
Genre Drama