Not all good things come in small packages…

All Kate wanted was to be a mother… a dream that ends in tragedy when a horrific car crash results in the death of her unborn child. Traumatised by her loss, Kate moves with her husband to a remote valley once believed the birthplace of all life. When she finds a feral four-year-old girl, she determines to keep her, but Kate’s beloved new child hides a terrible secret.

UNBORN is an atmospheric and unsettling horror story about the consequences of a young woman choosing to keep an abandoned child, whose unexplainable presence may be linked to bizarre happenings in the increasingly sinister valley – a place that may not be as ‘barren’ as it first appeared…

Production Credits

Director TBA
Producer(s) Adrian Bate, Andrew Mark Sewell
Writer Dominic Devine
Production Company B7 Productions
Category Feature
Duration 1 x 90’
Genre Drama/Horror