Blake’s 7: Avon (Eye of the Machine)


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Blake’s 7: The Early Years

Avon: Eye Of the Machine (EY 1.3)

Oxford University. It is the Freedom Spring of 2230 and the student campus is a hotbed of protests as Roj Blake’s Freedom Party seeks to sweep away a century of corrupt rule. Kerr Avon (Colin Salmon), a young man from the frontier, brilliant, ambitious and naïve, has arrived to make his mark on the future. Avon is here to work with Professor Ensor (Geoffrey Palmer), the Federation’s most brilliant cyberneticist. Avon has no intention of getting involved in politics – he may be naïve but he isn’t stupid – and then he meets Anna Grant (Keeley Hawes), activist and girl about town, and all bets are off!

Writer Ben Aaronovitch
Director Andrew Mark Sewell
Featuring Colin Salmon, Keeley Hawes and Geoffrey Palmer

Format: MP3

Also available as CD