Blake’s 7: Cally (Blood and Earth)


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Blake’s 7: The Early Years

Cally: Blood and Earth (EY 1.4.1)

On Auron, every clone lives in a world buoyed by the constant murmur of telepathic support, gossip and opinions. When Ariane Cally’s plane crashes in the middle of a wilderness park she finds herself cut off not only from rescue, but the voices that have sustained her all her life.
Her only hope is the mysterious Aunty, the single voice she can still hear, a woman who claims to have been the second Cally ever to be born on Auron. From Aunty she will learn the true and secret history of her people, but only if the wilderness doesn’t kill her first.

Written By Ben Aaronovitch
Directed By Dominic Devine
Featuring Amy Humphreys, Julian Wadham and Jan Chappell

Format: MP3

Also available as CD