Blake’s 7: Cally (Flag and Flame)


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The Early Years

Cally: Flag and Flame (EY 1.4.2)

Twins are special; Auronar clone twins doubly so. They’re grown that way. Pilot Skate Cally (Susannah Doyle) and Operative Merrin Cally (Natalie Walter) are a Flight Team on the Auronar cruiser Flag of Hope. They’ve been in each other’s heads, living each other’s lives, the same feelings, differences, orders and taste buds, since they were first poured out of a vat. But after High Command sends Skate on a one-way mission investigating Federation incursions in the Dancer Cluster, Merrin faces a bleak new future on her own, uncovering the dark half of the sister she thought she knew.

Written By Marc Platt
Directed By Dominic Devine
Featuring Susannah Doyle, Natalie Walter and Michael Cochrane

Format: MP3

Also available as CD