The complete collection of the critically acclaimed Season 1 audio adventures.

Starring Ed Stoppard, Geoff McGivern, Heida Reed and Raad Rawi as the Mekon.

‘Voyage to Venus’

‘The Red Moon Mystery’

‘Marooned on Mercury’

‘Reign of the Robots’

‘Operation Saturn’

‘Prisoners of Space’

’21st Century Spaceman’ (Documentary)

‘New Worlds’ – The Music of Imran Ahmad

Brilliant test pilot, Dan Dare, is chosen to fly the Anastasia – a new experimental spacecraft – on its maiden voyage to Venus. This isn’t exploration – it is to make first contact with a mysterious civilisation that has sent technological secrets as a goodwill gesture. However, what Dan, Digby and Professor Peabody find on Venus isn’t goodwill, but a terrifyingly intelligent, cold-hearted ruler, the Mekon. A creature destined to become Dan Dare’s nemesis – and Earth’s greatest threat…