by CeCe Sammy

Read by CeCe Sammy and Helen Quigley

Title: If You Can Speak, You Can Sing
Subtitle: Instruction & Study / Voice
ISBN: 978-1-906577-87-2
Release date: 3 June 2019
Age Range: General

SEL031000 SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / General
MUS042000 MUSIC / Instruction & Study / Voice

Price: £9,95

Length: 95 minutes (1 hours 35 mins)

If You Can Speak You Can Sing encourages us to understand that music can be used as a therapeutic tool, helping us in all aspects of our lives and the everyday struggles we all face.

CeCe Sammy, the world-renowned vocal coach, has launched a fun, interactive book and music programme for secondary school students, teachers and parents. Both the programme and this book are designed to empower and inspire young people using music, and to encourage positivity.

If You Can Speak You Can Sing includes some
of CeCe’s personal experiences from a career spanning over 20 years, and features young people performing a selection of motivational and inspiring pop songs, demonstrating techniques that many successful artists and performers use regularly. This book is designed to encourage open and honest conversation, and help young people tackle the modern day pressures they face, whether in school, at home or online.

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