– Issue #2

Written by: John Freeman | Art: Neil Edwards

Title: Pilgrim: Secrets & Lies (issue #2)
Issue #1: 36 pages

Publisher: B7 Comics
Release date: 12 March 2024
Age Range: General

RRP Price: £4.95 (pre-order)

The action packed issue #2 of Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies is published in March 2024.

PREVIOUSLY… The 22nd Century. While the environmental troubles of the 21st are behind them, the world faces new threats, as The Western Alliance and Eastern Coalition power blocs vie for dominance. But their squabbles for land, resources and, in recent years, the solar system, pale into insignificance in comparison with a millennia-old mystery buried below the ice of Antarctica, now being explored… and full of danger, not just for the unwilling recruits sent to investigate, but the future of all humanity!

NOW: After travelling to Antarctica to discover what secrets the Western Alliance are hiding – and, perhaps, to rescue international agent-for-hire Lily Winters missing father – an Eastern Coalition strike force is blasted from the icy skies of Earth’s southernmost continent…

Colour, 36pgs, £4.95

Published by B7 Comics.