Dan Dare Audio Adventures Receive Universal Praise …

Dan Dare - Volume 1

December 2016 saw the much-anticipated audio release by publisher www.bigfinish.com of B7 Media’s revival of Eagle Comics’ space hero Dan Dare. The critical reaction has been universally positive. Welcome back Colonel Dare!

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“This is a slick, streamlined trilogy of stories that takes one of the all-time greats, puts him in a newly kitted out and streamlined world an d lets him and his colleagues soar.”

Alasdair Stuart, Sci-Fi Bulletin
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“Dan Dare: The Audio Adventures is bright, optimistic, heroic and pacey, and it still manages to say that tyranny is worth opposing, wherever you find it. What’s more, it maintains a lack of modern day cynicism and presents it as something laudable, even in a year when cynicism would be the easier, arguably more audience-friendly route to take. In short, it’s a ripping adventure yarn updated for the 21st century, and there’s not a bally thing wrong with that!”

Tony J Fyler, Edition Online
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“Feeling very much in the same cliffhanging style as pulp SF sagas like Flash Gordon, these are pacy, action-packed adventures that aren’t afraid to throw more modern concepts and references into Dare’s world.”

Saxon Bullock, SFX Magazine

“The characterization of Dan Dare himself, played by Ed Stoppard, is spot on.”

Ian Wheeler, DowntheTubes
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“Ed Stoppard’s Dan Dare and Geoff McGivern’s Digby and their fractious relationship that evolves from one of cold distrust to mutual appreciation would have stolen the show if it wasn’t for Raad Rawi’s planet chewing turn as the narcissistic and megalomaniacal Mekon. Because, and much as we’re loathe to admit it, everyone loves a villain and Rawi’s Mekon is the epitome of self-serving, cold, logical evil. Welcome back Colonel Dare…”

Tim Cundle, Mass Movement
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“These new adventures stand on their own merits as a breath of absolutely fresh air, especially coming as they do in 2016 – this series is bright, it’s optimistic, it’s heroic and pacey, and it still manages to say that tyranny is worth opposing, wherever you find it. What’s more, it maintains the lack of cynicism from previous versions of the Dare legend and presents it as something laudable, even in a year when cynicism would be the easier, arguably more audience-friendly route to take.”

Tony Fyler, Warped Factor
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“Dan Dare – The Audio Adventures. It’s a superb production. The script is a wonderful blend of the traditional and the modern, the sound design is perhaps the best I have ever heard. Above all though it’s bloody good fun! I strongly advise you to grab a copy and join the Interplanet Space Fleet today, it’s shaping up to be quite an adventure.”

Sam Devereaux
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“With expertly executed direction by Andrew Mark Sewell of B7 Media, a top-notch cast (Ed Stoppard as Dare, Geoff McGivern as Digby, Heida Reed as Peabody, and Raad Rawi as The Mekon), and fabulous music by Imram Ahmad, the cast and crew of Dan Dare: Voyage To Venus deliver a blast of pure audio excitement that sets the stage for an exciting series of Sci-Fi adventure.”

Ron Foley MacDonald, View 902
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“It’s all very mysterious and intriguing, which are two of the things good science-fiction should be. The writers are taking the strengths of the original stories and shaping something new and exciting and that can only be a good thing. The best of the old and the best of the new, brought together seamlessly.”

Ian Wheeler, DowntheTubes
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“Most interesting of all is Heida Reed’s Professor Peabody. The production eschews the stereotype love interest/scientist in glasses tropes of the period (e.g. This Island Earth) and paints a character driven by both science and commercial imperatives, and here we tap into the most modern of features: corporate control of space.”

Tony Jones, Starburst Magazine
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“Ed Stoppard rocked in what could have been the thankless titular role. He had to play a modern variation of the lantern-jawed hero. In an age rife with unhinged antiheroes, I’m glad he made the superb effort. I’m truly over the grim and gritty existential crises that drive current entertainment. Stoppard’s Dare just got on with things. Thank you very much! I can’t wait for the second volume of stories.”

Raissa Devereux, Sci-fi Pulse
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“When being true to such dated source material, there’s always a real danger of either isolating fans by being too cautious, or being criticised for not meeting modern sensibilities. This isn’t the case here, with Director Andrew Mark Sewell providing a suitable middle ground where the hero can thrive without upsetting either camp.”

Rod Lewis, Glam Adelaide
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“There’s an overall slickness to this third offering in the six-episode series too, with the now-established main cast settled into their roles, with confident direction from Andrew Mark Sewell who manages to maintain a rattling pace to the story whilst still giving the characters space to develop.”

Ian Wheeler, DowntheTubes
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