International Awards success for ‘I, Robot’ and ‘Dan Dare’

UK independent production company B7 Media last night triumphed at the New York Radio Festivals 2017, winning 4 International Awards, including the ‘Best Director’ Gold Award for its acclaimed dramatisation for BBC Radio 4 of Isaac Asimov’s influential sci-fi novel I, Robot.

A double triumph in the ‘Best Director’ drama category saw company founder Andrew Mark Sewell win Gold for Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot (produced for BBC Radio 4) and Silver for the critically acclaimed audio reinvention of British space hero Dan Dare (Vol 1), based on the classic Eagle comic strip of the 1950s (and released by Big Finish).

In addition, Dan Dare also won Silver for ‘Best Online Drama’ and I, Robot won Silver in the ‘Best Drama Special’ categories.

Andrew Mark Sewell says: “Radio drama has always been an innovative medium in which to tell compelling and dramatic stories that inspire the listener’s imagination, without the need for extravagant Hollywood budgets. For B7’s work to be recognised with four awards is a brilliant testament to the talent and creativity of our cast and crew.”

“These awards really are an accolade shared between the entire production team. Particular mention must go to sound designers Alistair Lock and Wilfredo Acosta, along with composer Imran Ahmad, whose virtuosic invention empowers us to push the medium of audio drama to produce truly ambitious and immersive soundscapes that are pure cinema-in-sound.”

NYF’s International Radio Program Awards for the World’s Best Radio Programs honours radio programming and promotions in all lengths and formats, entered by radio stations, networks and independent producers from around the globe.

2017 winners for B7 Media are:

Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot

Gold Award Winner
‘Best Director’

Silver Award Winner
‘Best Drama Special’

60 years ago, Isaac Asimov imagined the impact AI would have on our world; only now can we appreciate the prophetic accuracy of his predictions. In five chapters, we join one woman’s journey as she lives through the rise of robots.

B7 Media’s BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of Isaac Asimov’s seminal science fiction novel I, Robot was hailed by Starburst Magazine as “… just the kind of quality audio that gives hard sci-fi a good name. Sci-Fi Bulletin praised the drama for being:… a well-produced and occasionally surprising take on this classic tale. There’s plenty of room for the philosophy underlying mankind’s relationship with robotics – particularly in the final instalment – and director Sewell allows this element of the drama to take centre stage when appropriate… while ensuring that he ramps up the tension in the more traditional sections.”

Dramatised for radio by Richard Kurti
Featuring Hermione Norris, Brendan Coyle, Derek Riddell and Nicholas Briggs
Producer/Director Andrew Mark Sewell
A B7 Production for BBC Radio 4

Find out more here

Dan Dare: The Audio Adventures (Vol 1)

Silver Award Winner
‘Best Director

Silver Award Winner
‘Best Online Drama’

Before Quatermass, before the Doctor, one icon of British science fiction shone out beyond the stars: Dan Dare. In B7 Media’s dramatic audio reboot, Dan Dare lives again. Adapted from the original Eagle comic strips and inspired by the 1951 Radio Luxembourg series, this is a new Dan Dare for our times, serialised as all good radio space opera should be! Dan Dare defends the Earth against the Mekon, their battle beginning anew.

Dan Dare’s return to the airwaves has been a big hit with critics and listeners. Indie Mac User said of the production: “For me, this audio revival of Dan Dare is a triumph. Each of the three episodes has the feel of an audio movie.” And Sci-Fi Bulletin believes the first series is: “… one of the best collections of audio fiction I’ve heard in a long time. The combination of old-school British space heroics and a distinct, post-BSG mindset paid off again and again and set it up as a hopeful, if cautious, vision of the future.” Starburst Magazine also credited Sewell’s direction, saying: “It’s not just great writing, but also a talented cast under the guidance of Andrew Mark Sewell in the director’s chair, rounded off by Alistair Lock’s sound work (and do listen on some decent speakers!). All aspects of this series have been polished and the results speak for themselves.

Based on the original Eagle comic strips created by Rev. Marcus Morris and Frank Hampson
Vol. 1 dramatised for radio by Richard Kurti, Bev Doyle, James Swallow and Marc Platt.
Featuring Ed Stoppard, Heida Reed, Geoff McGivern, Michael Cochrane, Nicholas Briggs, and Raad Rawi as The Mekon.
Producer/Director Andrew Mark Sewell
A B7 Production

Season 1 is now available to buy here