Out of This World Reviews for Dan Dare Vol 2

B7 Media’s audio revival of Eagle Comics classic space hero Dan Dare continues to receive critical acclaim, praised by one reviewer for; “… its epic sense of scale, superb sound design and brilliant acting from the regular cast, this is a movie for the ears.”

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For the curious who’ve yet to Dare to experience the ‘Pilot of the Future’, publisher Big Finish has a free download of the first chapter of Volume 2’s Operation Saturn story, while the first chapter of Volume 1’s Voyage to Venus is also available.





What the Critics Say …

“For me, this audio revival of Dan Dare is a triumph. Each of the three episodes have the feel of an audio movie and it is easy to get pulled into their world. I cannot wait for the Anastasia to get back out there and explore this universe, and gladly give it square-jawed, generation gap busting.” 10/10

Ian McArdell, Indie Mac User
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“It’s not just great writing, but also a talented cast under the guidance of Andrew Mark Sewell in the director’s chair, rounded off by Alistair Lock’s sound work (and do listen on some decent speakers!) and some wonderful artwork on the packaging. All aspects of this series have been polished and the results speak for themselves. If you want to know more about the concepts behind this series do listen to the fourth disc – not just a behind the scenes exploration of the concepts but a mini-documentary as well.” 9/10

Tony Jones, Starburst Magazine
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“These Dan Dare audios manage the unique balancing act of being both brilliantly innovative but also comfortingly familiar. I struggle to work out exactly how the production team have done this – it’s like some sort of wonderful form of alchemy has taken place. I can’t wait to listen to more.”

Ian Wheeler, DowntheTubes
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“Now with 6 episodes of Dan Dare in audio form we seem to be only picking up momentum. The cast and crew constantly deliver top grade material and each episode enriches the next. The stories have depth and reflect our present, past and future but at no point taking focus from the great science fiction fun. Dan Dare Volume 2 is a must!”

Jason Chisholm, BlogTor WHO
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“The first series of Dan Dare adaptations was one of the best collections of audio fiction I’ve heard in a long time. The combination of old school British space heroics and a distinct, post-BSG mindset paid off again and again and set it up as a hopeful, if cautious, vision of the future. Volume 2 is even better.” 10/10

Alasdair Stuart, Sci-Fi Bulletin
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“I can’t really find fault with this set. All the stories are great as stand-alone adventures, but you honestly get more from them is you binge listen to all three at once. I really enjoyed the very British feel of Dare and the sense of pride that he imbues. Which is a rare thing in a day and age where a lot in the UK tends to cringe or feel ill at ease about being patriotic and proud of Britishness.”

Ian Cullen, Sci-fi Pulse
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