Canadian Co-Pro Deal Announced

LONDON – March 14, 2012: UK-based independent production company B7 Productions has announced that it has entered into a co-production partnership with Canadian film & television production company Redstar Films on a number of independent feature film projects.

B7 Productions’ début feature was the critically-acclaimed Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont, but the company is perhaps best known for the re-imagined sci-fi franchise Blake’s 7, currently in development as a television series and continuing to run as a successful series of audio adventures on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Redstar has a 10-year track record of documentary and television production with films including Stanton T. Friedman is Real and the television series Ghost Cases.

The first film to be produced between B7 Productions and Redstar is the supernatural thriller The Cuckoo in the Clock. The screenplay was written by Redstar principal Paul Kimball, who is also slated to direct. B7 Productions’ Andrew Mark Sewell will executive produce. The Cuckoo in the Clock, which will star established Shakespearan actor Jacob James (The Stratford Festival), is currently in pre-production, with production scheduled to begin shooting September 2012 in the Canadian province Nova Scotia.

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