Last Minute Valentine

Written by Scarlett Knight
Narrated by Alexis Portner

An Erotic Short Lesbian Story…

Cass is seriously bummed out that her boyfriend had the gall to confess to having an affair one week before Valentine’s Day. Now painfully single on one of the hardest days to be single out of the year, she reaches out to her good friend Jeannie for support. When Jeannie comes over to Cass’s apartment with flowers and chocolates, Cass is beyond pleased. She grows even more pleasantly surprised when Jeannie begins to hit on her. The truth is, she’s secretly had a crush on Jeannie for a while, but only now, as they take their friendship to a sensual new level, does she realize the feeling has been mutual.  This short story from Scarlett Knight contains graphic content of a highly sexual nature and is strictly for adults only.

This audiobook contains regular scenes of a graphic and descriptive sexual nature and is therefore suitable only for a mature adult audience.

Length: 0 hours 10 minutes (10 minutes)
Release date: November 2019
Age Range: Adult only (Explicit)