The Shape of Veronica
by Stephanie Bull

An Erotic Novel (audiobook)

Read by Lorraine Ansell

VERONICA is a grotesque monster with or without her clothes.

At least that’s what she’s always been told and, when she sees her twisted body in the mirror every day, she knows it to be true. Kept out of the sight of everyone she grows up isolated and unfamiliar with how a normal person should behave.

When she accidentally reveals her distorted frame to the undergardener, on her eighteenth birthday, and he is not revolted, she takes the first tentative steps in a journey of sexual awakening that knows no bounds.

But as she settles into her private exploration of sensual pleasure with the few people she can trust, the outside world forces itself into hers, threatening to destroy the only enjoyment she has come to know.

A classic new tale of erotica set in a past that never was, written with unrestrained sensuality and delightful wit.

A B7 Media production in association with Tau Press.